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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to visit your school and to know where you are located?

The Freetown Business School is currently peripatetic and courses will be run at a variety of accessible locations in Freetown until such time when our school buildings and campuses are completed.  Our Registered Office is at No. 60 Wellington Street, the offices of Craft Human Resources Limited, one of the partners of the School. For enquiries, you can drop by at the Craft HR Offices, or Contact Us by Phone: +232 30/99 327 327, or by email:

I have recently been promoted to a managerial position at work; my company does not provide adequate training for Managers, but I take my personal development seriously as I am keen to develop some Managerial Skills. Can I register on my own or do I have to go through my company?

Yes –  we are flexible at the Freetown Business School. We address training needs for individuals as well as organisations. We offer a structured approach to learning and development. Our tutors can work with you to put together a personal development plan and recommend courses to you that will help shape your development.  Our Career Advice and Coaching Services will also be of great interest to you.

I have recently come across a poster for a course tagged “Making Great Executives” that your school will be offering. Upon enquiry, I was told that this course will initially teach Business Etiquette Skills. Will this form part of a series of soft skills to be taught or is this course a stand-alone course?

Business Etiquette Skills is one of four courses that forms the “Making Great Executive Series” (Business Etiquette Skills, Delivering Effective Business Presentations, Building and Managing Effective Teams and Introduction to Financial Management).  The aim of this program is to develop soft skills which are very important to navigate everyday activities in your professional career. In the business world, excellent interpersonal skills are key to the success of every business and individual. For each course under our “Making Great Executive Series”, you will receive a Certificate with the title of the course you have completed. Once you have completed the program you will receive a full Certificate indicating that you have completed the full program. Most of these courses will form part of our accredited training programs in the future.

I am a Manager responsible for developing Training Plans in my organisation. I heard about your school through a work colleague. How can Freetown Business School help me?

At the Freetown Business School, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive training plan for your organisation and a framework for delivery. We will offer a wide range of courses which can be modified to suit the needs of your organisation. We can also work with you to develop bespoke training courses and learning and development activities for your organisation. We have access to a comprehensive list of Trainers and Facilitators, locally and internationally; and can act as your Training Coordinator if required.

I would like to make an enquiry about future courses, how do I go about it?

Our planned future courses can be found on our website We also take recommendations from our clients; and can deliver courses based on popular demand. You can also complete an enquiry form on the website and someone will contact you to discuss your needs. We are also active on social media platforms such as Facebook (Freetown Business School) and Twitter (@FBSedusl) where you can send us a message or comment on our pages. We appreciate feedback to help improve our services to our clients.

I am a student with no work experiences but would like to develop some business skills. Can I register to go on some of your soft skills courses?

Yes –  We will offer specific training packages for graduates which aim to give them practical insight on being a professional, running a business and effective management tools.  Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages, Facebook (Freetown Business School) and Twitter (@FBSedusl) for more information.

I have little or no formal business education but I own a number of businesses which I have run successfully. I would like my business to be a professional organisation to gain some practical management experience to help me take my business to the next level. What services can Freetown Business School offer to me?

At the Freetown Business School, we will offer a series of Master Classes that will concentrate on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organisational Management. These Master Classes will be tailored for all Entrepreneurs and Business Executives, and each attendee will gain an insight into how world class businesses are run. It will also be a great opportunity to share knowledge with Entrepreneurs and top Business Executives from different business sectors in Sierra Leone. We can also offer bespoke learning and development activities for your organisation and help you to develop a Management Tool kit.

I am finishing my Undergraduate Degree in three months and would like to register for a Master’s in Business Administration Degree or any other Master’s program that is offered at your school. Is this something you currently offer?

At present, we are not offering degree courses. However, we plan to start offering degree courses in 2018, as we are presently working with internationally recognised Universities and Colleges worldwide to get accreditation to offer their degree courses through our school.

I am a Tutor who has worked with a number of organisations and colleges in Sierra Leone and abroad. I am interested in delivering some courses at your school. What do I need to do to get on your Tutors List?

Please contact us through our website to register your interest by completing the “Request to be a Tutor Form”. You can also send us an email at Once we receive your interest, we will contact you to organise an interview to discuss your interests and how we can work together.

My company will only pay for accredited courses, would you be offering any accredited courses in the near future?

Yes – within the next few months we will be offering a number of courses accredited by different professional bodies and institutions. Please keep an eye on our website for more information.

I am a Professional Accountant, will you be offering Continuous Professional Development (CPD) packages for my profession?

Yes – within the next few months we will be offering a number of CPD packages for your profession and also for CIPD and CIMA Professionals. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages, Facebook (Freetown Business School) and Twitter (@FBSedusl) for more information.