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Freetown Business School introduces Procurement and Supply Chain Management courses to their 2018 course curriculum

With the ever-growing interest in the procurement subject from our clients and students, and the need to undertake proper procurement activities in line with law, Freetown Business School (FBS) introduced the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Series to its 2018 Curriculum.

The first course in this series (PSC101 – Fundamental 4Ps of Strategic Public Procurement) was delivered from 21st to 25th May 2018 by internationally renowned procurement expert Franklin Ibemessie.

The objective of the module was to treat the fundamental rationale for procurement (Principles), the strategic plot of procurement (Planning), the legal and regulatory – including the Sierra Leone and multilateral development banks’ – framework(s) (Policies), and the modes of operations (Practices) of procurement.

In our drive to provide continuous development in learning environments that are focused, relaxed, engaging, inspiring and fun, Freetown Business School will be delivering the next procurement course, PSC102 – Rejuvenating Competition in Procurement from 17th – 19th October 2018. Freetown Business School also offers courses for different sectors and subject areas, adding this year courses in Data Analysis, Customer Services, Project Management and Leadership Development.

For further information on our courses or if you are interested in us delivering bespoke courses to your employees, please contact us on +23230327327 and; or visit our website

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