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LED102 Leading & Managing Effective Teams

About this Course


Freetown Business School (FBS) in collaboration with Mrs. Jacqueline Williams brings you a Masterclass in Leading and Managing Effective Teams.


A key dilemma most organizations face is that of management; particularly in getting the best out of individual employees but more so in providing the essential ingredients for optimal team work. Often organizations focus on processes and procedures to make teams more effective, not recognizing the important role that team motivation, team cohesiveness and the culture and behavior of team leaders can play in making or breaking teams in the workplace.


Team leaders in many instances are not aware of the skills they need to make the best use of the skills and expertise that their team members have. They often underestimate the time and energy needed in making their teams more effective, and the adverse impact on all team members, and on the organisation when teams are not working well.


The evidence shows that teams that don’t work well together often lead to reduced profitability and in some cases to corporate fraud. Get your teams right and everyone benefits!


Jacqueline Williams, and CEO guest speakers will share their experience and knowledge of leading and
building effective teams and preventing team dysfunctions during this highly interact masterclass.

Course Objectives: On completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the important difference between groups of workers and an effective team
  •  Understand the typical stages that a team goes through
  •  Explore the roles that different members of the team may play and how this can impact on colleagues
  •  Understand common dysfunctions that impair a team’s effectiveness
  •  Learn essential skills and techniques a new team leader can build to make their team more effective

Fee: Le2,500,000 per person.

5% Discount for Women. Additional 5% Discount for Groups of 10+

Participants will only be required to register through our website for the course and are expected to attend all the sessions

Dates: Thursday 6th & Friday 7th June 2019

Time: 9am – 1pm

Fee: Le2,500,000 per person. 5% Discount for Women. Additional 5% Discount for Groups of 10+.

Venue: Lacs Villa, 3A & 9 Cantonment Road, off  Kingharman Road.