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Making Great Executives Course

Business Etiquette Skills

Whether we like it or not, people are constantly assessing us and since the organisation is bigger than the individual, a negative impression of an individual staff would hurt the image of the organisation significantly and also detract from the brand. Exuding the right image is pertinent to building better business relationships, developing a greater understanding of communication style differences and creating a more contemporary image for your organisation.

The mission of this course is to assist professionals and owners in becoming professionally conscious in their daily activities at work, thereby acquiring the presence and ambience that goes with their status as executives and the status of the organisation. Also, this programme will re-emphasize the need for effective business communication skills that will project the organisation as one that renders service per excellence. At the end of the training, the participants will develop an appreciation for acceptable etiquette in a business environment.

Course Objectives: On completion, you will be able to:

  • Acquaint with business etiquette
  • Increase your grooming and finesse
  • Sharpen your business communication skills
  • Become better representatives of your company or organisation
  • Help your company or organisation project a more professional and contemporary image

Dates: 10th – 11th April 2017 & 12th – 13th April 2017

Length: 2 Days

Venue: Mamba Point Lagoonda Complex