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Our first tax course ends

This year we added the Taxation Series to our curriculum and in June to July we delivered the first of the three tax courses TAC101 (Taxation I: Fundamentals of the Sierra Leone Tax System) over a 4-week period.  With the tax compliance challenges businesses face, FBS thought it fit to run this taxation series knowing it will help various players in the accounting and legal profession as well as entrepreneurs. This is the first time a taxation course was delivered in Sierra Leone and we partnered with Veritas Chartered Accountants which is one of the top tax and audit firms in Sierra Leone. The partnership involves Veritas providing some of the tax experts to deliver the courses.

The course was delivered by Sierra Leone tax experts Alfred Akibo-Betts, Mohamed Kamara, James Tengbeh and Cecil Goodman, all of whom have extensive experience in the tax system in Sierra Leone.

As anticipated, we were delighted to welcome high caliber participants from different sectors which made the course interactive, engaging, educative and enjoyable. The reviews from participants were absolutely breathtaking as they were very satisfied and amazed at what FBS had to offer.

Drucil Taylor of BMT Law Chambers stated that he was really impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the course as the whole experience reminded him of his alma mater University of London. This he said was as a result of FBSs effective organisation, knowledgeable facilitators and the material delivered during the course. Jacqueline Hope of Renner-Thomas Associates, added that she will definitely be signing up for the other tax courses as she has gained high quality knowledge about the tax system in Sierra Leone, which will help her advise her clients better.

FBS continues the Taxation Series with TAC102 (Taxation II: Complying with your tax obligations) which will take place from 3rd – 26th October 2018, and TAC103 (Taxation III: Advanced Topics) which will start in November 2018.

For further information on our courses or if you are interested in us delivering bespoke courses to your employees, please contact us on +23230327327 and; or visit our website

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