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PSC102 - Rejuvenating Competition in Procurement – the Bidding Process Perspective

Competition is one of the foremost principles in both Public and Private Sector procurement, for different reasons. For Public Sector Procurement, the number of relevant competition there is contributes to the finalization of Value-For-Money contract.


This course intends to examine what it is about the bidding documents and the bidding process that facilitate effective competition. The course will run through bidding documentation and processes for Goods and Works (RFQs, RFBs, etc.) and Consulting Services (RFPs); and the differing processes for Goods, Works and Services.


This course will be beneficial to potential and actual Public and Private Sector procurement practitioners and procurement policy managers; and extends to suppliers, contractors and consultants who require information on how to understand bidding documents to enable the submission of successful bids and proposals.

Course Objectives: On completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify the best ways to attract bidders
  • Answer the question: what is bad competition?
  • Write an effective bidding document (Request for Quotation [RFQ], Request for Proposal [RFP], Request for Bids [RFB])
  • Comprehend the difference between the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) and a Request for Consultants’ Qualifications (RCQ)
  • Implement and manage a successful bidding process
  • Apply the procurement principles in the bidding process
  • Implement effective bid opening processes
  • Comprehend the dichotomy between opening processes for Goods/Works and Consulting Services

Fee: Le 3,500,000 per person.

5% Discount for Women. Additional 5% Discount for Groups of 10+

Registration: Participants will only be required to register through our website for the course and are expected to attend both days.

Dates: 17th to 19th September 2018

Fee: Le 3,500,000 per person. 5% Discount for Women. Additional 5% Discount for Groups of 10+.

Venue: Oluwole House, 3A Wellington Street


A Procurement Specialist/Consultant with about
two decades experience in procurement and project management
principles, practices, policies, processes and procedures. He has seasoned
knowledge of (World Bank, MCC, ADB, AfDB, UNDP/IAPSO (now UNOPS),
UN Mission, USAID, and general (public and private sector) procurement
policies, practices, procedures, processes, and an in-depth grasp of
procurement and project management techniques, practices, policies,
processes, procedures, principles and operations, and ability to address
broader issues of procurement in terms of impact at the programme and
institutional level.
Franklin has an MSc in Procurement Management from the University of
Strathclyde (UK), an MBA from the University of Liverpool (UK) and is a
Certified Project Management Practitioner under PRINCE2.
Franklin has experience working in Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Kenya,
Liberia, UK, Egypt, Namibia, Gambia, Nigeria, Italy, Philippines, Mauritius,
Nepal, Turkey, Mozambique, Zambia, UAE and USA.