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TAC102 – Complying with your Tax Obligations

About this Course


In the first course of our Taxation Series (TAC101: Fundamentals of the Sierra Leone Tax System), we explored the core principles that underpin the tax system in Sierra Leone. From the importance of rules and regulations to specific tax computations, TAC101 created a platform for practicing accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and other participants to grasp technical and practical aspects of all taxes generally applicable in Sierra Leone.


Tax compliance is key for any business to ensure they avoid penalties and other sanctions levied by the tax administration. To further assist businesses, practicing accountants, lawyers and other participants in meeting their tax obligations, TAC102 will build on the foundations of TAC101 by delving deeper into tax calculations and introducing compliance aspects of taxation, with particular emphasis on ensuring accurate and timely reporting to avoid tax penalties and interest.


Course Objectives: On completion, you will be able to:

  • Deal with the step by step process of complying with registration, filing and payments.
  • Identify your tax exposures and explain in detail how each exposure is calculated.
  • Explain how exposures are reported and settled, including completing and submitting relevant tax returns.
  • Demonstrate understanding of your record-keeping obligations, specifically identifying records to maintain and how long to maintain them.
  • Identify and calculate penalties and interests for various defaults, including incorrect returns, non-maintenance of records and late payment defaults.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the NRA’s investigative and assessment powers, and your rights of objection and appeal.

Fee: Le 3,500,000 per person.

5% Discount for Women. Additional 5% Discount for Groups of 10+

Registration:              Participants will be required to register through our website for the course and are expected to attend all classes to be eligible to receive a Certificate.

Dates:                         17th October – 2nd November 2018

Dates:                        17th October – 2nd November 2018

Sessions:                   Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays (6:00pm to 8:00pm)
Venue:                        Africell American Corner, 25 Bathurst Street, Freetown

Fee:                             Le3,500,000 per person. 5% Discount for Women. Additional 5% Discount for Groups of 10+